Kaydie’s Success with Beating Acute Laminitis

A former equestrian and mother was no stranger to the health struggles that older horses can face when her young daughter first took up an interest in equestrianism. After searching for some time, the duo came across Kaydie, an older Tennessee Walker with “hoof issues” but a lot of love to give. There was an instant connection between mother, daughter, and horse. Unfortunately, something was wrong with Kaydie that was going to take a little more than love to fix.

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A Few Red Flags

After Kaydie was adopted, it became clear that she had more than just hoof issues. It appeared that she had Equine Metabolic Syndrome, a blood-insulin related issue that can cause weight fluctuations and leave the horse at risk for worse illnesses. Kaydie was developing fat deposits around her body, bruises, and small abscesses which potentially pointed to something severe.

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Acute Laminitis

Laminitis affects the tissue (laminae) bond between a horse’s hoof and their bone. It can also cause lameness in one or more of the horse’s hooves. It is a serious issue that has led to countless horses needing to be put down, so Kaydie’s situation was nothing to brush off.

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Addressing the Issue

Kaydie’s owner spent hours pouring over information about treating acute laminitis. She did her best with home remedies and hands-on care to try to cure Kaydie. Unfortunately, there is no reversing laminitis in horses; at best it can be treated with changes in diet, routine, and foot support. The issue progressed, frustrating both Kaydie and her owner until a helping hand reached out in a big way.

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A man named Derrick from Equine Podiatry Solutions LLC reached out to Kaydie and her owner with a donation of Desmosphyrine that was meant to help Kaydie’s acute laminitis. Fortunately, after the application of the Desmosphyrine, more hands-on efforts by her owner, and a bit of time, she began to improve. Today, Kaydie is in rehab recovering from the effects of acute laminitis, but she is doing well!

Kaydie’s success story is one of many from clients at Equine Podiatry Solutions LLC. We are fighting acute laminitis one horse at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about the fight to beat acute laminitis, Desmosphyrine, or Equine Podiatry Solutions LLC, please visit https://www.BeatLaminitis.com/ today.